Muze, one of my favs despite the fact that she refuses to IM me (I started this a min ago Muze, lol), nominated me for an honest blogger award. (She also keeps a second blog here. Go harass her about updating regularly, k? lol) And so did nikki! I feel all special. The rules go something like this...

1. When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back
2. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.
3. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘honest weblog’
4. Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional).
5. And then we pass it on!

And now I have to tell you all my business…


1. There is a blogger out there that could TOTALLY get it. If either of us were ever single and in the same neck of the woods… **fans self**

2. I technically* didn’t lose my virginity the way I say I did. And no, you will NEVER hear the story.

3. I was once taught how to hot wire cars. Because I’m DOPE. lol

4. I used to help a favorite teacher grade tests. I changed the test scores of one girl in my class because I knew that if she brought home a B her abusive father would use it as an excuse to beat on her.

5. I once encouraged a friend in college to sleep with this random chick that I introduced her to while we were living in NYC even though I was pretty sure that the friend wasn’t gay.

I was wrong.

Fast forward four years, she’s married and living in San Francisco, and her wife looks like Dania Ramirez. (Whom I have a huge girlcrush on.) *sigh* That’s what I get.

6. I fucked a really good friend of First Love on some get back shit. I can barely believe myself. The worst part; it was sooooo wack*. The catch? He doesn’t know that I know he knows, lol.

7. Under different circumstances, one of Bob’s friends could TOTALLY get it, lol.

8. I’m pretty sure my Daddy cheated on my stepmom. I should stop going through people’s phones. I always find things I don’t wanna find.

9. I sometimes take the time to read white supremacist websites. Not because I agree with their views of course, but because I think that it’s important to remind myself that kinda hate exists in the world despite the liberal people I’ve surrounded myself with.

10. I am just now coming to the realization that I might be talented enough to have the career I want… and even still, I am mostly unsure. We’ll see…

I nominate X… cuz she needs something to write about.

Joy… because I don’t think she’s really gonna tell you anything good. Consider this a CHALLENGE!!!! lol

Wise… cuz otherwise we might never get an update.

Veronica… cuz she’s dope… and cuz I’m nosy, lol. (How on earth did we go to the same school for 4 years, know basically the same people and NOT hang out more? lol)

Mr. Jones… because he is an absolute mess. And because I know he’ll have really good ones.

I can’t think of anyone else to nominate. Most everyone else has already done it. And those that haven’t, there is very little hope of them being forthcoming enough for this to be interesting, lol.

But if you haven’t done it and you want to have at it! And let me know in the comments so I can come be all up in your business.

Now get outta here! Nosy ass niggas.

*La reserves the right to harshly judge her sexual partners based on their bedroom prowess or lack thereof and disregard them from her official “number” at will.

16 thoughts on “Shucks

  1. I think I’ve been nomininated for the Honest thing Twice and I was like what for…I don’t give them enough already…lol ..Anyway that shit with your homegirl was some funny shit…WHO KNEW!!! hahahaha U stoooopit….


  2. Yay, La! I couldn’t wait to see your 10-list. (That puts me in the ranks of the KNOW-SEE aka nosy).heheMy mom taught public school for 36 years. I used to help her grade papers all the time. I liked to get really good papers, because I liked making that huge red letter “C” in the center of the page. heheI have also visited white supremacist websites… like you… to remind myself how a mind/heart of hate works. Scary stuff.= = = = = = <>Give to classroom projects in high-poverty public schools via DonorsChoose 2008: <>< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Friends of Fackin Truth Blog<> (Participating via the AfroSpear with Black Bloggers for Education).


  3. Re: the disclaimer.You are f*cking ignorant. LMAOOOOOOO!!!Aight, I’m on it. (Oh, and I don’t know HOW that happened either! Lol.)


  4. dang@changing the grade on the classmate. you were GANGSTA back then, weren’t u?btw, i’ve also got a blogger who would DEFINITELY GET IT. he knows it, though. LOL


  5. Thanks for the nod, I guess. **sratches head like an African porch monkey**You’re right. I am an absolute mess. So much so, that I’m actually going to do this. I need to give it some thought though. Coming up with 10 “truths” is easy. Figuring out 7 worthy blogs is the toughy. Oop!


  6. @Cherry Sometimes it is neccessary@Diva Thank you! She’s gonna come up with something wack and I’m gonna talk about her. LOL@Epsi Right?!@Joy BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’d forgotten ALL about that, lol. CHALLENGE!!!!@Rashan I AM NOT A BAD PERSON! I have just sometimes erred in judgement, lol. And I am NOT getting in trouble over #1


  7. You’re a bad person!!! LOLI think honesty dictates that you tell who number 1 is. I wanna know how to hotwire a car. It seems like something that would come in handy one day. I read the white supremacist websites so I can feel superior to them.


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