10 thoughts on “Is it just me…

  1. @Cherry’s Kid BWAHAHAHAHAHA! No wonder he looked so confused. We know that ain’t happening, lol@Duck who? Me? **innocent face**@Joy didn’t he look creepy? I expected him to break out a caldron and start casting spells on the eloquent negro at any moment, lol@Ladylee YES I DID. And you KNOW he ain’t taking no kinda notes on what’s being said because he never ONCED answered no questions, lol@Chris BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA@ “this ni…ne…bl…THAT ONE”. LMFAO! That line almost got me fired. And Michelle’s ass DID look pretty fantastic last night.Hey everyone is it just me… or does McCain look a little bit like a T-Rex? lol


  2. LOL…he’s writing notes to himself…”I’m way in over my head…this ni…ne…bl…THAT ONE is just too damn on the ball…why did I agree to become the Republic sacrifice for Obama’s express train to victory? Wow…Michelle Obama’s butt really POPS in that dress…why is my wife dressed like The Great Pumpkin tonight?”


  3. He looked scary as fuck yo! I thought he was going to explode, his eyes were so big. And did you see your boy crackin the eff up at some of the ish McCain was saying? I love him. I really do.


  4. I knew you were so into the debate tonight…I don’t think so I think he’s trying to draw out a plan to raise his arms above his shoulders!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!


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