It starts with Red.

Just a little, around the edges, slightly pink, rather than the entire Red saturation that is sure to come.

Maybe you shake just a bit, your extremeties antithetic to your usual smooth movements, each fraction of your greater whole shuddering and shaking, your whole shit just disjointed.

Your breathing changes, the rhythmic steady inhalation you’re used to interupted by short, choppy bursts of oxygen that actually makes sounds on their exit.

Your eyelashes are rapidly landing and taking off from their perch on your cheeks.

Your internal themometer shoots up a few degrees.

Your throat metallic, like you swallowed poison.

Your chest weighted.

You’re accutely unaware of your nails digging craters in your palms.

Your hair on end.

Your limbs, tingling to move, the sensation crawling just beneath the skin.


And the Red, more prevalent now, inching it’s way past your mental velvet ropes, seeping into your facimilies, washing your vision.

The roar in your ears at parade decible.

And then you hold your breath.

And you sigh.

The red goes away, to be replaced by black and white.

Cut and dry. Straight lines.


Raw uncut, straight.

All stops.

You continue with your show.

You don’t believe in monkeys.

26 thoughts on “This.

  1. what i love most about your language is the fact that it punches with only a few upper cuts. i felt every bit of that anger in only those few words. that was my day last week.


  2. I don’t get how that is a monkey but that reminded me of how I feel when I’m talking to an asshole on the phone at work.. whew! Girl you almost made me come across this comment section on a customer…LOLGo B.


  3. I have that CD and was hoping they didn’t rip Cee-Lo too bad. It was ok.Consider “I don’t believe in monkeys” stolen. And I’m lovin’ the layout too.


  4. Strange, once again, how you’ve captured my day. I had a terribly frustrating day at work today. I actually had to leave my desk because I was angry enough to get glassy-eyed. That hasn’t happened in AGES.I see how people quit jobs on the spot. As the only earner in the house, I see how I <>won’t<> be quitting this job on the spot. LOL= = = = = = <>Give to classroom projects in high-poverty schools via DonorsChoose 2008: <>< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Friends of Fackin Truth Blog<> (Participating via the AfroSpear with Black Bloggers for Education).


  5. Now, I thought your were either talking about an orgasm or a tanzmania like devil anger type ish. I was like, Somebody done pissed her off. I hope she didn’t hall off and knock somebody upside the head. So, uh… I was correct, sort of… La is the MAN!!!! That’s all I gotta say about that! That was short, but packed full of emotion!!


  6. Ok now that I have composed me… lol@Rashan not only are you NOT the only one that has it, I am pretty sure that it popped into rotation yesterday on my ipod while on shuffle, lol@Diva starts with O? Ohhh… like orgasm? No. I wish, lol@Slish and Epsi, all things considered, both are allowed, lol@Chris Thank you! šŸ™‚@Duck I’m not evil! Just vague, lol@X **waving my church fan in the air**@Joy hahahaha you’re so VIOLENT!HAPPY FRIENDAVERSARY!!!!@All The emotion we were going for was anger. You ever just had one of those days where everything is ridiculous while you’re at work? Everything is irritating, everyone is doing trifling shit they know they ain’t got no business doing, and you’re just HOT about it? And then, you take a deep breath and decide to K.I.M. cuz that job ain’t even that serious?That’s what I was going for. But I be having to be vague cuz I got people looking all over my shoulders, lol


  7. Okay, now that you’ve laughed at EVERYONE… I’m just gonna chalk it up as an L and say you’re evil.Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil….


  8. didn’t know where this was going at first… One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show! (Am I the only one that has that Goodie M.O.B. album? It was pretty good even though Cee Lo wasn’t on it.)


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