The phone feels hot against my face, but I'm not sure if the phone has gotten hotter or if suddenly my body temperature has shot up 100 degrees."Hey La. I gotta talk to you about something."I can hear the trees whipping by my car. The air they slice through breaks to either side loudly, telling … Continue reading Bound

Urban Myth

"This is crazy.""I know, but I have to know.""Are you sure about this? My investigative skills are seriously unparalleled.""I don't know if I am totally sure, but I have to know.""Lemme get on the computer and make a few calls. Give me a couple of hours""Ok. Let me know."My friend J is gorgeous. And not … Continue reading Urban Myth


Dear Grandma,I've felt you hanging around here.I see the slight ruffle of bed covers imprinted with the indentation of your body weight. The long silver hair on the pillow next to mine. I see the way you pull your pearls out of my jewelry box. And feel your hand on my back when I can't … Continue reading Hope