wow. *updated with link to story*

I’m sorry…

Are you really suing Obama for using campaign funds to go see his dying grandmother?
Even after the decision was vetted by independent lawyers who said it was perfectly legal?

While I try to convince myself to chalk this up to pure bad timing on the part of ruthless GOP operatives, the glaringly obvious conclusion is that this is just a latest in a string of disgusting and dispicable ploys by Republicans flailing helplessly in their obvious incompetence. Even if I wasn’t already convinced that I want Barack Obama to be my next president, this would have put me over the edge. How tasteless, low down and outright heartless. I’d say I’m disappointed, but that would imply that I had any kind of shred of faith left in the decency of the Republican party.

I guess it would have been ok if the money had been spent on 150K worth of makeup and manolos to dress a bitch pitbull up like a politician.

Senator Obama, I am not sure how much your last minute plane ticket was. Surely expensive in this ridiculously high transportation market, thanks to Republican mismanagement. Over the course of your campaign, I have donated about $100. I hereby authorize you to use my contribution towards your plane ticket.

I trust that it will be donated to your favorite consignment shop for charity after the election.

4 thoughts on “wow. *updated with link to story*

  1. GIRL!!!I JUST saw that story and I went off.I’ve been watching this thing for the past two years, and this is the ONLY thing that has made me so infuriated.God don’t like ugly. That’s all I’m gonna say…Oh, and…VOTE OR DIE!!!


  2. Man I can’t even say I’m surprised by this. Disheartened that people could be so cruel in the wake of someone’s life…but surprised? Not even.This is just pathetic!


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