Quarterlife Notsomuch

You know how usually I am all atwitter (not to be confused with Twit.tering) about my birthday, planning for the annual trip, posting pics of the fab hotel we will be staying in, taking wagers on how drunk I will be?

Yeah… about that…

This year there is none of that. I am not excited. I am not looking forward to it. Matter of fact, until my co-worker asked me yesterday, I had forgotten that my b-day is even Sunday. (And I may or may not have forgotten that I have to pick Joy up from the airport tomorrow.)

I’m just… not feeling it. At all.

I would like to blame it all on the whole 25 milestone and such, but the truth is, I am just not feeling anything lately. Honestly, I would like to just nap through it.

No seriously. I am all about the Lunesta nap.

I’m not excited. I am going to be happy to see Joy, sure, but other than that…


I’m not even excited about getting a new tattoo (or two). Does that even sound like the La you’ve come to know and shake your head at?


I wonder if Joy will just let me lay on the floor with Honey with a straw in a Grey Goose bottle…

15 thoughts on “Quarterlife Notsomuch

  1. Quarter-life crisis, happens to us all. Shit, I’ll be 28 in about five months and I’m not looking forward to it. You’ll still have fun, that I’m sure of.


  2. I have this hilarious image of you on the floor with a straw in a bottle of Goose. That is some real alcoholic stuff.I was not psyched about my bday either. I had one beer and watched football. I was happy with just that.


  3. Rashan- you’re always thinking. We appreciate the suggestions on making this bday a happy one, lolA.J.- Hahaha you’re so generous and kind. Yeah I am not too excited about the new tatt. Even tho the tattoos in question are tattoos I’ve wanted since ‘ever. Hopefully I will cheer up, lolMiss Marche- LOL! You do get SO excited. Hopefully 26 will be betterDiva- Right?! I love that stuff. Sound sleep with no wake up grogginess. I almost forgot her, but lucky for her, her pick up coincided with leaving work early, so I remembered that, lolLadyLee- Maybe it didn’t but I have something to look forward to… in 9 years or so, lolV- Does mellow mean drunk? Then I’m in! lolSlish- How you not gonna take me?!?! lolBlah- I think I might like a fight right now. Release some of this pent up aggression. $400??! Girl wtf are you getting? Unless you are getting your whole damn back tatted that’s absurd. Where did you go? Try Top Notch on U Street in DC. I got 3 of my 4 tattoos there. Good work and reasonably priced. Ask for Charlie, but all the artists are good.Jam- I would think you of all people would know about my devotion to the Goose. How long have you been reading? lolMonie- hahahaha Honey DOES like to drink. She may not be able to get with the straw, but I bet if I leave a glass of liquor where she can reach it, she will be lapping it up before I can blink, lol


  4. At least make it amusing and give Honey a straw too!Kidding…you’ll bounce back. My 29th bday was just another day.Happy Early Birthday!


  5. I spent my birthday in NYC…in a fight. No. A real fight. Not an arguement fight.And I am a gajillion years older than you…now that wassome bullshit!Of course she’ll let you lay on the floor and drink… budda, I am thinking that you won’t be doing that.Priced my tramp stamp two days ago…$400. Eff that!


  6. Man, my birthdays in my 20s SUCKED.So don’t feel bad.I didn’t get hype again about birthdays until I turned 33 or 34. I turn 40 next year and it’s gonna be ON! There is hope! (Okay, I know that don’t take the blues away. I tried).Keep your head up, girl.


  7. whoa..whoa…you’re not excited about getting a new tatt??although the straw in a Goose bottle sounds like a plan…i’ll handle it from now until Sunday then you can take over…consider it my b-day gift to you..lol


  8. A straw in the Goose bottle sounds like a plan.. although after a while you may need a chaser. So make sure you have a straw in a bottle of cranberry juice. Happy Birthday if I don’t see you round the blog world before Sunday.


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