The Block is Notsomuch Hot

Welcome to this edition of writer’s block. In it, I ramble on about nothing because I cannot seem to form a complete, rational, written thought of any kind. So instead, you get this.

X Factor finished the Avon Walk this weekend! Woo! Go congratulate her on and such.

I haven’t been much for TV lately, (with the exception of Keeping up with the Kardashians which, for some reason Kim’s ass I am totally obsessed with) but I have been going hard with the music. For some reason, it has taken me this long to completely fall in love with “Rockferry”. I’ve had it, but haven’t really been giving it much play. And then this weekend… I dunno, maybe it was my current emotional state, but I am pretty sure this is what love is. One of my favorites, “Stepping Stone”…

You used to call me up from time to time
And it would be so hard for me not to cross the line
The words of love laid on my lips just like a curse
And I knew, oh yes I knew, they’d only make it worse
And now you have the nerve to play along
Just like the maestro beats in a song
You got your kicks you get your kicks from playing me
And the less you give the more I want so foolishly
But I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I’m standing upright on my own

*swoon* Also, I was listening to Pandora while doing some pretty serious manual labor with my co-workers on Friday (you’re right, that’s not in my job description) and it was apparently 90s rap day. I could barely work for being so distracted. So now I desperately need to get my 90s rap game together via I.Tunes. Any and all suggestions for downloads should be left in the comments and would be greatly appreciated.

I hate growing up.

And, more importantly than all of that, is this. I’ve stalked Michael’s blog The Cynical Ones for the longest, ever since Shani hipped me to it a few years back. He’s an excellent writer, extremely funny and insightful, a little snarky… basically all the things I look for in a blog crush. But every once in awhile he writes something so incredibly great and right on point, that I can’t help but envy his talents and honesty just a bit more. Go on over to The Root, read his article there and show him some love.

In the meantime, I will continue to pretend I have something worthwhile to say…

4 thoughts on “The Block is Notsomuch Hot

  1. I’ll let bighead Rashan come back with the 90’s rap…this is area of expertise! lol

    You still look like a kid with an innocent smile…so don’t feel too bad about growing up!


  2. lol @ you’re right, that’s not in my job description. UGH!! that’s how i felt about being one of the many queens of the incessantly running copy machines while i was an AP at the station. i was like NO ONE TOLD ME THIS WAS IN THE CARDS!!


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