Black People’s Version of Wealth Building

It would take something this ass foolish to get me back to blogging. Please see video below. Don’t worry. I’ll wait…

What in the extra coontastic hell?!?!

Son, there are far too many things wrong with this video.

In case you ain’t heard Soulja Coon, we are in a recession. And you are 13 years old. And you have no discernible talent to last you in this music game once you and your fans grow up and realize that the word ‘swag’ is deader than Elvis and therefore should not ever be turned on. So in the interest of your future, you should be saving that money. Because in a few years you will be hosting Tupperware parties in your mama’s basement to make ends meet and this black diamond remote controlled chain with matching bracelets will seem like a dumb ass idea.

If you have an ounce of sense in your little pea head, which I am not so sure about.

Yes, I heard he got it for free too. And I am not buying it. And even if he did, it is such a stupid and unnecessary display of tom foolery, that I simply cannot stomach it.

I thought we were beyond the 90s era of ostentatious rap?

The sad thing is, this is so very indicative of the idea of wealth building in the black community. Get a grip, or in this case, an “advance” and don’t put any of it into savings, don’t invest it. Blow it on supporting companies and people who DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. Increase their net worth while blowing your own.

For some reason, people period, but to a far more detrimental extent black people, equate success with things. Not with longevity. Not with business accoutrement. Not with the size of their investment portfolio, but the size of their Big Ass Chain.

Get the fuck outta here.

So many complain about “The Man” and how “The System” is designed to keep us subjugated, but we are buying into our own financial demise, one gaudy ass Ed Hardy shirt at a time.

Let’s keep it 100; money is power. Not in the traditional sense that it automatically commands respect or lends relevance *cough* Paris Hilton but in that it is a means to an end. Said end could be a multitude of things based on your own personal goals, but there is no way you can amass any kind of power if every chance you get you are pissing away what little money you have on European cars you are barely old enough to drive.

I can’t stomach this particular brand of coonery another second. Not even because it is so incredibly wasteful. Mostly because it is so patently ignorant that I can’t believe that this false illusion of self worth is still bought into. Things do not make you worthy.

And for the record, neither does half ass talent and a best selling ringtone.

Things are not power. They are items…
…which can be seized by the IRS and sold at auction if/when necessary.

Obnoxiously ridiculous chains are not status symbols…
…merely just another sign that we are even more oppressed at our own hands than we accuse others of perpetuating.

They don’t make you relevant. They don’t lend you talent in the face of obvious musical ineptitude. They aren’t even cool.

Grown ass men don’t need to wear big ass chains to justify the size of their balls.

Try it sometime.

16 thoughts on “Black People’s Version of Wealth Building

  1. wow . that chain alone could pay for my undergrad loans and my masters and me going to medical school . That is such a waste of money. The jeweler who sold it to him is probably laughing his way to the bank…. ha I just got another igga to spend a grip of money on a gaudy diamond chain !


  2. Ok, I couldn't even make it through the whole video. The coonery was burning my corneas!!

    If he got the chain from a high-end jeweler, they billed his record label who took it out of his royalties with interest. If the record label bought it, it's coming out of his royalties with interest!! That shit was not free. I know too many pro athletes who learned the hard way


  3. I am ABSOLUTELY speechless
    he is sooo irrelevant its beyond words
    its sad that HE said himself “they shoudlntve EVAH gay deeez niggaaahz meehneee *goin by his*”

    sir,thats the ONLY time ill agree with you


  4. PREACH!!..u always drop knowledge…lol
    The funny thing is that I get crucified when I say that I don't really listen to “rap” music. I like some stuff, but I have to check the negro nonsense at the door…glad someone else does as well.


  5. I don't get what the hell they are talking about…so I don't watch 'em.
    When you reach “the top”…you can only go down…let's hope they don't crash and lets hope if/when the next time they make it back up, that they will have learned something…and put the coon-ness to rest.


  6. AAAAAmen…pass the chicken.

    Naw…but I live in the middle of the epedemic of tomfoolery ignant ass shit.

    Just the other day, I sat on my stoop watching my neighbor and 100 of coon ass relatives put a kiddie pool on the sidewalk a grill in the street and make it rain on the corner. Did I mention that she told me she used most her check up for that foolishness and was going to have to call her “booster” so she could get her hustle on?

    Yeah, we going to hell in a broke down ass Caddilac with spinners.


  7. You just had Terrance and I rolling around the bed and yelling at the screen.

    And Ed Hardy. The official clothing of douche bags everywhere.


  8. one of my homies said this just the other day:

    Niggas be like GET MONEY!!! I'm like Ok…then what? waste it on bullshit? I'm better than that. I see the future…move too fast you become the past! Niggas is breakin they balls just to ball till they go broke…what part of the game is that?

    Such a sad young man. Just cause you didn't have anything growing up doesn't mean be utterly ignorant when you get a little bit. Like he said, “They shouldn't have gave you niggas money”


  9. this vent is EXACTLY how i felt when i first read about T-Pain's “Big Ass Chain”. Him trying to justify it is what made it worse. This fuckery is where SO many black folks who “make it” in the music industry always go wrong. Always.

    I won't go on. Your post just about covered everything. And extra points for mentioning the overrated BS that is Ed Hardy. *sucks teeth*


  10. *usher-walks into this post*

    Preach. Chuuuuuuch. Tabernacle.

    *cues organ, congregation claps, Holy Ghost Shuffles out of this post*


  11. Lurker here-usually I don't comment but since this fool and his music makes my ears bleed I had to chime in…anyone who is house nigger-ish enough to be thankful for slavery doesn't surprise me with something like this, but I'll co-sign that this coon ass behavior is an epidemic…this brand of bullsh't needs to come to a halt real quick. P.S. if I posted the same comment twice it's 'cause I don't know what the hell I'm doing 🙂


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