Innocent Enough

January 2007-----Original Message-----From: LaTo: BobSent: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 2:27 AM…Goddammit, why can't you be goin to sin city the weekend of April 5th, on MY b-day weekend like the rest of us? Geesh. Change your plans! From BobTo: LaHey girlie...long time.:) You going to Vegas for real? Last year we changed dates like 3 … Continue reading Innocent Enough


North Avenue Beach- Chicago, September 2009My skin feels damp. For a moment, despite the fact that I know better, I think that I might be crying despite the fact that I have yet to cry. I realize with relief, and maybe a little frustration, that it is merely the dampness hanging in the air that … Continue reading Rockferry

The Set Up

I am not particularly smart. I mean sure, the last time I took an IQ test I tested off the charts. And yes, I'm fairly well read and can hold a conversation about anything from Stanislavsky to Star Ship.What I mean to say is, I'm not people smart.I can read people fairly well. I have … Continue reading The Set Up

The Rebirth

At first, I was going to get rid of the archives.Seriously.I was gonna toss every single entry like emotional trash, proverbial spring cleaning, if you will.Because everytime I re-read them, and I do re-read them more than I will ever admit to anyone who isn't a mental health professional, it's like tearing open old sores … Continue reading The Rebirth