I had the best NYE, yall. Spent it with my girls (and Jay Jay aka Wanye aka Titty Watcher since 1984), in Atl drinking, eating, talking MUCH shit.

Your girl likes to talk shit. Renews the spirit I find. 🙂

I could do a whole big thing about the types of huge monkey balls that 2009 (and many of the years prior to it) sucked, but I choose to focus on the positive;

I got the opportunity to close out the year with some of my favoritest people on earth, in my favorite city on earth, doing what I love to do more than anything…

Drinking, laughing til I’m hoarse and dancing to hood music.

Fuck with me!!! lol

Already, 2010 is getting off to… an interesting start. But I feel no kinda way about the things that have or haven’t happened yet. I feel anchored in a way that I can’t recall feeling more than once ever before (and we all know how that shit worked out). And I believe it is all because of the company I have chosen to keep.

Despite all of the things I have ruined, failed at, never attempted, ran away from, been afraid of last year, I am grateful for the people in my life right now.

I am LOVED, yall. In a very, VERY serious way.
It feels really good.
Better, probably, than any romantic love I have ever known because this is easy, real, authentic love. Genuine in every way imaginable.

And laugh out loud funny.

Things are changing for me. I’ve made a few resolutions, some out loud, some in my own head that I won’t bother to put here. But I feel the springs turning. I have a long way to go but I feel ready for the world. I feel the rebirth of some things I buried. Including writing. There’s some new cast members, some old characters coming back to haunt me, new things to do and places to see (and get drunk).

So who’s interested in coming along with me? I make good drinks… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. you are SO loved. even if no one else loved you (and they really do) but even if no else did love you, I love you enough for 100 lifetimes. you are more than my friend, you are my sister… you are the woman who made me tear up while doing my makeup at the thought of us all being apart… come move in with me!!! I miss you so much!!!

    PS – I know 2010 holds great things for you!!!



    I love the HELL outta you, girl!
    I had the most wicked awesomest (lmao!) time with you and the rest of the chickadees.
    You heard what Tray said…she hasn't laughed that hard in a long ass time. I'm surprised the city of ATL didn't throw a flag on the play with all our shenanigans!

    Can't wait for the next trip! *hugs and a boob grab*

    OH! Tell your mailbox to be on the lookout for something nice in the next week or so. You were the best hostess and that shall be rewarded. Yay!


  3. I'm interested in coming along. I'll have to skip the drinks, though!

    Glad you're seeing thngs in a positive light! Good for you, La! Hope you have a good 2010!


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