Read a Book

Today in glaringly obvious understatements: I was an excellent English student as a child. My love of the written word came directly from my love of reading. I absolutely loved to read. I didn't think it was uncool or not fun. Fiction was a means by which to escape; history a conduit to self discovery. I devoured … Continue reading Read a Book

You Make me So..

We have plans tonight.I go hard for a man who takes control, y'all.But I've already made plans with my bottom bitch to hang out and drink wine and talk shit.I can't. I have plans.Can you reschedule?You should have let me know sooner. But I'm not cancelling on my girl.I understand :-(However serendipitous though, inside the hour, … Continue reading You Make me So..


Here are some things you might not know about me...- I am 25.- I have a college degree from the HBCU better than all others.- Said degree was obtained in 4 years... but it should have taken me 6.- I have no children. None. Just a dog.- I have never been married.- I have a … Continue reading Bulletproof