Year End Wrap Up

As is customary around these parts, I am taking two weeks off to travel home for the holidays, do hoodrat things with my friends, drink my weight in liquor and eat your weight in soul food. It's tradition after all. And in that spirit, I will also be taking a break from the twice a week … Continue reading Year End Wrap Up

Flirting Fail

Because I am a serial under dater, a lot of my skills have gone to shit. Before I tell you what an embarrassment I am to my former self, let me explain the concept of “under dating.” By that I don’t mean I don’t date enough (though, if I ever want to have a whorish … Continue reading Flirting Fail

Sunday Kinda Love

(Shout out to Skinny Black Girl for having me thinking about this for two damn months…)I remember quite vividly once, standing in the middle of my bedroom, rocking back and forth on bare feet, feeling light-headed, tingly. I was, quite literally swooning, overcome by the intense urge to scream at the top of my lungs … Continue reading Sunday Kinda Love


Granted, I'm not Santa, but I had to use this pic if for no other reason than because it says "bitches."It is that time of year again, where my fellow alumni and I will converge on The Mecca, celebrate our superior legacy, drink our weight in adult beverages, and then stumble into work Monday morning … Continue reading Vacation


I feel like I am going deaf.My heart is beating so loud that everything sounds muffled. I am dizzy with the effort it takes to breathe, my lightheadedness making every second feel like a dotted whole note, lasting longer than usual. I am trying hard to concentrate on the voice in my ear. I burrow … Continue reading Truth