More often than not, if I have not blogged in a few days, I am over on tumblr acting an utter fool. You can find me there almost every day. And on the Twitter too, of courseWith that out of the way…People say that girls grow up to marry men like their daddies, be it … Continue reading Potential

Fuck Your Paper Bag

I wasn’t gonna blog about this. But I also wasn’t gonna drink last weekend and, well, that too was a fail.There is an interesting kind of marginalization that goes on in communities, creating these sub-communities of sorts. It is prevalent in just about any group of people that share some fundamental similarities but other large … Continue reading Fuck Your Paper Bag

Girl Code

Recently, I have been talking to Kit (go and tip your bartender) about a situation she's dealing with. I won't go into details because it is not my business to tell all over Al Gore's internet, but during one of our conversations I said something to her that stuck with me...“After age 18 some of … Continue reading Girl Code


There is that moment when you realize that none of it was real.That you held on too long, too hard, fought too ferociously to make what was square fit round spaces. That all the effort you mistook for passion chipped away little pieces of what was there, and what is left in your hands is … Continue reading Starve.

Silver Lining

(x-posted from La Bella Vita Tumblr)The thing about birthdays is that, much like a drunk co-ed at a frat party, they could go either way.Unfortunately, despite starting with much promise, my birthday quickly went the way of getting dicked… badly.And I hate all incarnations of that.The good news is, my girls are on their way to … Continue reading Silver Lining