The thing about being my mother’s daughter is it is never NOT about being her daughter.There have been stretches of time, sometimes even significant, where I can convince myself that I have carved out a space for my own life that does not coexist with hers. But, like any good, codependent relationship, this is pretty … Continue reading Codependent

Giving Up

I stood there. Stark still. In what was probably the exact same spot, though I have no way to tell. Because there are no pictures. Just memories that are still far too sharp despite me trying my damnedest to forget. I took it all in. The second line that was part of a wedding processional. … Continue reading Giving Up

Then and Now

New Orleans is not the kind of city you can visit without falling in love with it. It’s the type of city where beauty and ruination can exist side by side and somehow perfectly color the entire portrait of what the city is. Whenever I go, I am always struck by the architecture, the warmness … Continue reading Then and Now

Emotional Laziness

Talking to my sister this weekend, I stumbled on something that I hadn’t really realized but that I see now, in hindsight, I should have seen coming a mile away.I have gotten insanely emotionally lazy.There was a time when it was hurt; after a string of breakups, one epically soul crushing, I was just way … Continue reading Emotional Laziness