Emotional Laziness

Talking to my sister this weekend, I stumbled on something that I hadn’t really realized but that I see now, in hindsight, I should have seen coming a mile away.

I have gotten insanely emotionally lazy.

There was a time when it was hurt; after a string of breakups, one epically soul crushing, I was just way too wounded to even pretend myself into thinking I was in a place to open up to someone else.

Later, it was fear. Fear that maybe I wasn’t over it all, that I was still broken in some way. Fear that I wouldn’t be able to get it right. Or worse yet, that I would find that illusive spark with someone (as I did), get invested and it would all fall apart.

But now, it isn’t even that. It is pure, unadulterated laziness.

I don’t want to invest. I don’t feel like it. I don’t want to feel. Anything, really. My life has (somewhat) reached a peaceful, quiet place. I’m ok. For the most part, everyone I love is in a good place. We are all reasonably happy, if not content. And I am not interested in anyone disrupting it. Not even with something great.

That sounds terrible, lol.

But it’s how I feel. And I know, you will armchair psychologist me and analyze this and tell me all about how since I wasn’t hugged enough as a child that this is now manifesting itself in my life at 27 or whatever the fuck a therapist would say. Lol But it really isn’t. It is simply just me being lazy. As I have been in other areas of my life at other times. This time, it is just my love life.

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2 thoughts on “Emotional Laziness

  1. Why does it even have to be called laziness? It's just another form of well-being. These man-free(emotionally man-free, not just physically) periods can be some of the most rewarding times. I remember I was doing so much more stuff for myself and sleeping so well at night.


  2. I feel you; I'm in the same place. Peaceful, and not really interested in taking the chance to change that. For better or for worse.


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