I am prideful. Sometimes foolishly so. Because I am prideful, I am not particularly fond of having to depend on people. This can be just as detrimental to interpersonal relationships as you might think it is.Because I don't like depending on people, I don't care for asking people for things. This, coupled with my outlandish … Continue reading Hubris

Baby Daddy Day

I should probably issue a few disclaimers before I say anything else. The first and maybe most important one being, I am single and childless. Most of my friends, those who are single and those who are in varying degrees of love, are also childless. We’re all varying degrees of sexually active as well.In short, … Continue reading Baby Daddy Day


“I really love you. I love you. Always will," The Great Houdini says to me somewhere around 2am when I am not nearly as defensive as we started this conversation. I knew this was coming, the way you see a car speeding in your direction. For the last two hours of this conversation I have … Continue reading Crash.

Under Construction

Hi readers!In case you haven't noticed, there are a few changes going on around here. We have a new name, more in keeping with prevailing themes in my life:Liquor, Loans and Love: Legends of Quarter Life Crisis.We are also moving to a new .com. If you're visiting before the entire moving process is complete, you … Continue reading Under Construction