The first time it occurred to me that something was wrong with my body, I was in the fifth grade. Where my breasts were sprouting, my hips were rounding out and my thighs growing thicker my fellow classmates, being of the mostly thin, WASP-y variety did not have the same problems. Or shape, for that … Continue reading Liberation

What If.

It dropped in my spirit around my birthday in April, coming, as it usually does, without me even noticing it. A fleeting thought that became a seed, blooming brighter every time the thought became more frequent. Which it did.It happens, at different intervals, sometimes months, sometimes years, but it always feels just as it always felt … Continue reading What If.

Missing the Mark

I have a couple different subsets of friends.There’s my best friend since 7th grade, who transcends all subgroups because she knew me and loved me when I thought it was cute to wear dark brown lip liner and silver lipgloss. There are my college friends, who are probably my longest, closest friends, as we have … Continue reading Missing the Mark

Loose Ends

This is a story in three parts. This is the first part, though not the begininng...I know I have a choice. I can sit in this parking lot, inhaling the strange amalgamation of curry and maple syrup courtesy of the Ethiopian restaurant in front of me and the smell the air in the south holds … Continue reading Loose Ends


You know how most women have that thing where, in the presence of a wedding they are all breathless, and excited, mentally photo shopping their head on the bride’s body and inwardly changing all the things about the planning/rehearsal/wedding/reception they would do differently? Or maybe glancing at their date wistfully, beaming them psychic signals that … Continue reading Bridesmaids