On Sundays, I clean.I also assiduously avoid talking to people who are not QQ if I can. Sunday is my day to relax and unwind, to decompress and prepare for my week. For as many hours as I can manage, I let myself become the center of my own universe, cleaning my space, performing a … Continue reading Crushed

Tied Up

This is a story in three parts. The first part is here. The second is here. The entire backstory of this saga is here.This is the finale.I want to disappear.I know this before I even make it back across town. Before I realize I’ve cried so hard that my eyes are nearly swollen shut. Before I … Continue reading Tied Up


This is a story in three parts. The first is here.The second glass of Jack and Coke the bartender puts in front of me is much bigger. There's hardly any ice in it. He winks when I look up at him, and I turn to The Great Houdini with an eyebrow raised. “You had something to do … Continue reading Undone