Where I Rant About the Affordable Care Act

I think if you take the partisanship out of The Affordable Care Act, and look at it for what it really is, not the distortions or glossy words from either side, you will see why this  is a win for the American people. And especially for the middle class and working poor. For me, it’s personal.

It means in the fall when my daddy is terminated and rehired as a contractor by the company where he’s worked for 20+ years so they don’t have to pay insurance, 401K matches, etc to save money, he’ll still have access to care so he can live a long and healthy life. That means something to me, and millions of other Americans who have been affected by the pitfalls of our healthcare system as it stands.

My daddy has worked 2 jobs for almost 30 years. You don’t get to tell me he is just “not pulling his own weight” or some other partisan bullshit just because he will now be able to get affordable, mandatory healthcare. This, by the way, should be the right of every citizen in this progressive country.

Privatizing healthcare is literally KILLING US, not saving people. And no amount of talking points you spew about taxes or socialism or government intrusion or attacking the private sector, will convince me that should be ok BY LAW. And if you really thought about it, I think most people opposed to ACA know that.

More importantly I wished more people recognized that there are real people and families directly impacted by this partisan bullshit. Blatant power plays or rotely spouting talking points are doing NOTHING for people who have worked hard all their lives and are suffering. It is UNCONSCIONABLE, in every sense of the word, to support such power plays over people. I am forever unwilling to do that to my family or yours. And I will never vote for a candidate or a party willing to sentence its own people to poverty or death for the sake of a party win.

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