I’m going to attempt to do this challenge Muze hipped me to via Aliya S. King. The challenge is to write 30 posts in 30 days. It’s gonna be…a challenge.

Not just because I have a life outside of blogging and twitter and all. But because in all honesty, I am not a finisher. I start things strong, sure, all caught up in the newness and the planning and execution. But I’m afraid if it isn’t work related, where my inbred ambition overcomes my hard wired faults, my Aries tendency towards easy boredom lends itself nicely to brainstorming and conceptualizing but not always crossing the finish line.

I have pages of unfinished stories. Pictures unorganized into albums and canvases half painted. I have journals half filled with ink stained pages, with pristine, untouched pages in the back. I have people I’ve not seen to The End.

That’s really a story for another day though.

In all honesty, this could well be one of those things I don’t finish. But I’m hoping you’ll hold me accountable. I need the discipline. If not for me, then for all the ideas I have worth finishing.

3 thoughts on “#30in30

  1. Yay! Just discovering your blog. I'm in on the 30in30 challenge too. I'm excited, hopefully this will help with my constant procrastination :-/


  2. *lee passes out from all the possibilities of getting 30 days of La*


    WOW! I'll read every single word, even if 30 days is really just 3 days, lol.


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