Grown up Clothes

By very nature of the field I work in, as well as thanks to having lost a significant amount of weight recently, I am running into a sincere problem; I don’t have any grown up clothes.
Clothes to be casually cute for brunch on weekends? I am all over that. Club clothes just classy enough to say I have a daddy and a degree at home but that also let you know I might sweat my hair out if the DJ does a southern set? I’M SOLID. But age appropriate clothes to wear to work and/or job interviews?
My field, and my job in particular, is decidedly casual, so my work uniform generally consists of the same things I might wear to brunch (jeans and a cute top) and swapping out my weekend impossibly high heels for sensible flats or Nikes. In the winter the top becomes a sweater or cardigan. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Now don’t get me wrong, I have some work appropriate suits and dresses. And Lord knows I have more than enough pairs of heels to last me a few decades. But the vast majority of those things are too big for me now. Or, they are smaller but out of style. Or smaller but a bit too small.
It’s always something.
I find myself needing to rebuild my wardrobe. But I hardly know where to start. I need to start buying new pieces and phasing old things out. But herein lies another problem; I hate shopping.
I mean, I love getting new clothes. New shoes or bags or new anything really. But I HATE having to actually leave my house to accomplish this. Malls make me anxious. Messy stores are like sticks poking at my OCD. I am prone to calling out rude or inattentive sales people, and most food courts are ticking time bombs to my diet. I always prefer shopping online. This of course becomes a problem when buying clothes as I, of short stature and ample cleavage and hips, ALWAYS need to try things on. And there’s the hassle of sending it back if it doesn’t fit or heading to the store anyway for an exchange and… *falls out*
There’s also a little matter of my taste far outpacing my income, but that is neither here nor there.
At some point I have to start dressing like a grown up. I just hope it’s at no point this week.

2 thoughts on “Grown up Clothes

  1. MY LIFE. I also work in a pretty casual environment and will be shit out of luck if I suddenly need to dress professional. After I go back to work when Minicorn is here, I have plans to at least get a couple of blazers or something to wear instead of cardigans. And I also hate leaving the house to find things. Let Jesus guide me through these online shops forever and ever, amen.


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