I Missed a Post for #30in30

(Day 12 of 30 in 30)

I totally thought I posted yesterday. Except notsomuch. I have absolutely nothing of any importance to say. So instead, a random assortment of things. This is all I got.

1. I have had a zoo’s worth of assorted pets. In my lifetime I have had; a turtle. At least half a dozen fish. A cat. Two guinea pigs. A lizard. And no less than six dogs. I am missing a few. If I could I would own; horses. Two orange cats named Cheeto and Dorito. A couple more German Shepherds. And probably a couple black labs. A pig or two. A chinchilla. Possibly some rabbits. And a large tank full of fish. Apparently, I think I am Dr. Doolittle.

2. I desperately need to stop watching Investigation Discovery. Every single show on that channel is geared towards convincing the audience that every person you will encounter, date, marry, be treated by at the hospital, or cut off on the highway is in fact a latent serial killer. It’s not good for me, lol.

3. Regularly while at the gym, I find myself singing aloud or twirking in public to whatever I am listening to while working out. I have embarrassed myself and the race countless times. For that I am sorry.

4. In the next few months, I will pay off my car. I am constantly paranoid that something will happen in the meantime to keep me from this milestone. Some financial tragedy or an accident or something of the sort. It is a terrible feeling but I have no idea how to get rid of the anxiety.

5. To that end though, I am going to enjoy a few years of not having a car note while I aggressively pay down my student loans. But I am pretty sure when I’m ready for another car note, I will be buying a Camaro. Probably white. I will name it Lisa Raye and keep a pre-printed ticket book in my glove compartment for all the tickets I am sure to get.

6. Gas prices just ain’t never trying to go back down, huh? I have made some semblance of peace with how much it costs me to fill up my truck, but DAWG. THESE AIRLINE TICKETS. Fall/Winter is always travel heavy for me, but the airline industry is not trying to make it easy for me. Or at least not without pushing me to turn to a life on the pole.

7. I rarely if ever enjoy the popular books everyone else does. You know how everyone else was breathlessly in love with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I never finished it. I tried four times. I’m not here for it. The same goes for all the Game of Thrones series, that God awful 50 Shades of Gray shit, and probably pretty much everything everyone has unequivocally loved over the last 5 years. The only exception is The Hunger Games.

4 thoughts on “I Missed a Post for #30in30

  1. 3. At least you're in the gym getting more fine, right?
    4. Nothing's gonna happen to the car until 3 months AFTER it's paid off. It's the Law of Irritation.
    5-6. You must like paying a shitload of money for gas and insurance. Just but a Prius and DRIVE it like a Camaro.


  2. @Lee – I would KILL to spend $65 on gas. I usually spend about $250 a month on gas. It KILLS me.

    @Gem – Why you determined to be my #1 hater every single day in every single way? lol


  3. 1. Crabby is my NUMBER 1 HATER when it comes to amassing the menagerie-o-critters that I dream of. Once Minicorn gets here it will be 2 against 1 though.

    2. Dawg. Investigation Discovery has actually curtailed my road rage because they might hatch an elaborate plot to kill me. See also, everyone else I come into contact with.

    3. You're not sorry. Don't lie.

    4. I am going to be fogging up the windowpane with my jealousy breath, hands pressed against the class of the house of your paid off car note.

    5. Lisa Raye. Lauren.

    6. Airline ticket prices need to be reported to Homeland Security.

    7. I think we talked about this before, but I couldn't even get through Girl w/Dragon Tattoo. I tried. I can't. I'm currently on Book 2 of Game of Thrones and I actually love it (I've watched the show too though so maybe that helps), but gotdamn it is exhausting to get through. I don't even acknowledge 50 Shades' existence. Hunger Games and Harry Potter 4eva though.


  4. Warning: this is a long comment, i.e, a straight STAN comment, since blogger hasn't been letting me comment over here.

    It is terribly difficult to do 30 posts in 30 days. But you know I am a STAN, so you could write out nursery rhymes or the phone book… and I would be PLEASED as punch, Ma. That is all.

    1. Horses are EXPENSIVE. My cubicle mate has one. WOW. It's like a mortgage. That is all.

    2. I laughed HARD at your ID channel observations. After about 4 hours, I have to turn it off. It does make me look at people funny… makes me wonder what kinda secret ish they got going on.

    3. I sing hard in the grocery store. The “White Peoples Kroger” near my house in the hood plays a TON of Jodeci and Mary J. Blige. Not sure what's up with that, but all the black folk are singing hard. And dancing in the aisles. LOL

    4. I haven't paid a carnote since 2004. I loved the feeling of paying a car off. Bought the current one with cash. I will NEVER have another car note. UGH.

    5. O_O

    6. Since I have two cars now, I have to budget out the gas money. Luckily I only drive 5000 miles a year, but Lucy the Lexus takes more than the other car. It's like a light bill. sigh. STILL trying to get use to that. I don't like 65 dollars a month in gas. Not sure how people deal with that on a weekly.

    7. I loved the Hunger Games book. Better than the movie. I intentionally stay away from what everyone else is flocking to (read that one because a friend suggested it). I too tried to read the tattoo book. It was a FAIL. Not sure what all the hype was about.


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