This is a Story About Control

(day 18 of 30 in 30)

Today totally got away from me.

I woke up after a fitful sleep with a plan for my day. Errands to run. People to see. Grocery shopping. Some jobs to apply for. Some cleaning that needs to be done desperately.

Somehow, with heading out for brunch (read: bacon and mimosas), all of that got thrown out the window. I am just getting home now, well after 11pm. I accomplished little or nothing on my to do list.

I find this is happening to me more and more lately; I set out with a plan and end up somewhere else completely. The thing is, everything is still kinda working.

More often than not, much like today, nothing goes exactly as planned but everything goes ok. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when the things I don’t manage to get done on a deadline don’t pile up and overwhelm me. But truthfully, everything is working as it should, without my hand in it.

If I were smarter, this would be a lesson to me about my unhealthy need for control and my tendency towards holding myself to impossible standards and deadlines.

But I’m not that smart.

2 thoughts on “This is a Story About Control

  1. I make to-do lists everyday. RARELY do I get all the things done. I am happy with myself if I get 25% of what's on my list done. It means I got SOMETHING done. And that is good enough for me.

    Life isn't perfect… However, I am here, and tomorrow is a new day.


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