Outside Your Door

It's 2am and there's no good reason for anyone to be knocking on my door. Granted, I'm not asleep but I should be, as usual. And I'm not expecting anyone.My heart picks up tempo as I slip out of bed, quietly digging my toes into the carpet and padding across the apartment to my front door. I've … Continue reading Outside Your Door

Wake Up Alone

2007I'm crying before my fingers can find the alarm clock in the darkness.The tears are an every morning ritual, so I've at least gotten to the point that I can control them. I can't keep them from coming- there's too much to cry clean for that- but I've learned to cry them softly so that … Continue reading Wake Up Alone

The L Word

"Hey.""Hey."We look at each other, awkward in a way that we usually aren't. We aren't sure who should go first."You called.""I called."The truth is, I'd wrestled with it, turning my phone over and over in my hand like a sorcerer's stone. Debating. If I should call. Weighing what it means about me, who I am, … Continue reading The L Word