About Liquor, Loans and Love

Fresh off the tumultuous twenties, and smack dab in the throes of the thirties, La realized… your 30s are basically your 20s with more money and better sex.

There are still shenanigans. You just can’t really chronicle them publicly because you love the job that helps you bankroll them. For every masterful orgasm you’ve learned to have- even after spending your 20s faking it- you realize you sometimes still don’t want him (or her) to stay the night. And you wonder what’s wrong with you as your friends are settling down and buying houses and having kids and the furthest you’ve planned into the future is wondering if you can finesse spending Christmas on a Mediterranean island, drunk and scantily clad. The way life is moving around you makes you ask The 30s Questions; Is this it? Am I broken? Can I do this? Do I belong here?

The jobs are better, the dates can still be bad, and while the bills aren’t late like they once were, student loans will still keep you from ever owning a home that isn’t on wheels. Drinking too much means a two-day recovery, and you can see the bad decisions coming, but dammit if you don’t make them anyway and enjoy the fuck outta them.

Who says your 30s are for growing up?

Liquor, Loans and Love is at times hilarious and other times heartbreaking, but at its core is a brutally honest account of what happens when you “make it”… and realize your life is just getting started.