"Have you ever been in love like that?" she asks me, and I realize that maybe I'm so good at hiding my most tender parts that she really doesn't know the answer to this question. "Yeah," I say. "Yeah. That kinda love where it feels so big, and so tangible you can hardly stand to … Continue reading Pieces

Feed me Lies

I’ve been holding space in my life for lies. They aren’t covert lies. These lies are big blinking lights on a marquee. But they are pretty; the fairy tale fruit whose slick, glossy outside belies the poison beneath. What no one tells you about lies when you’re young and learning about lies the way a … Continue reading Feed me Lies


I’d forgotten what it was like to be lonely. The Dark Years gave me my Wolf Pack, my tribe of sisters and warriors and inappropriate joke tellers and safe space. I carried them home with me when I returned in all my prodigal glory, unsure of what I was getting myself into, but sure I … Continue reading 35

Happy New Year

The truth is, I limped into the new year. I got there. But I arrived head bowed and exhausted, pulling myself across the finish line on my belly and elbows. I’ve been working. Building. The last two years have felt like laying the foundation for the next part of my life, and all the back … Continue reading Happy New Year


I was pacing the floor the way I tended to when we spoke, as though I had to walk the energy from of hearing his voice out of my body. "Have you ever seen Serendipity?" he asks me out of the blue. "Mm, no. You know I don't really love romantic comedies." "You should see … Continue reading Serendipity

Go for Broke

It feels ungrateful to admit how fucking exhausted I am. Because there was a time I prayed for the life I have now. When, deep in the throes of depression, I pleaded with whatever gods were listening to pull me from under the crushing weight of a job that wasn’t going anywhere, codependent relationships, inequitable … Continue reading Go for Broke