I avoid it like the plague. It is my way. Our way, really.And yet somehow, some way, like gravity, we get pulled together. Objectively I can say that this universal pull is weighted evenly between the both of us. We are intertwined explicitly, probably forever.Poetic shit like that.Except our shit is less Love Jones and … Continue reading Gravity

A-Town Bound

Gone home to Atlanta for the weekend.Be back bright and early... in the afternoon... sometime... next week... um... yeah. Try not to miss me too much, yes?Oh, and also, if anyone wakes up extra early or stays up extra late, hit me up! I'm still on the road!!! Play with me! I'm lonely and trying … Continue reading A-Town Bound

ATL Recap 2

Shani, you're an asshole, lol.This is a continuation of thisI've always thanked God for having more male friends than chicks because shit like this that First Love just tried to pull just doesn't fool me.At this point I weigh my options...So when I get to First Love's place (lol!), he opens his door for me, … Continue reading ATL Recap 2

The Return

I can tell I'm getting closer because the trees are turning. In Texas, the trees are still bright green and healthy, even in these early days of November. But the closer I get the more the trees change. First, slight hints of yellow creep into the folliage at the top. Then bright bursts of orange … Continue reading The Return