I'm sitting here listening to a little Nikka Costa and thinking. Which is never, EVER good. Homecoming is officially over and it was ok but with the end of homecoming comes something more significant... the end of distraction as I know it. I don't have any more events, no more nights of hanging at the … Continue reading 12:32

Entering into an Institution

So anyone who knows me even remotely well knows I have little to no respect for the institution of marriage. Not in a home wrecker "I'll-break-up-your-marriage-and-not-care" sort of way but more so in a "I've-never-seen-it-work-out-so-I'm-very-skeptical-and-don't-think-its-necessary" kinda way. (That took a hella lotta fucking concentration to type.) I have never really seen anyone get married and … Continue reading Entering into an Institution


*I have been trying to publish this blog for weeks... I'm a nutcase right now.*I hate waiting. I would rather go to the gynecologist and get the most intrusive personal examination ever than to wait on anything. I HATE to wait. I hate depending on other people to give me information or decide when they … Continue reading Waiting


There comes a time in every one's life when they must reevaluate. When they must change, rearrange and repair all the broken thingsĀ in their life. I am at that point. It is not the change that is painful but rather the transition.There was a time when I was a different person. A kinder person, a … Continue reading Ready