I never let myself think about you.On the occasions when you do pop into my mind, I busy myself with other things. Things get cleaned and organized, I IM random people at random times, I play with the dog.This issue is that these thoughts aren't occassional for me.Anymore.They used to be, but for whatever reason, … Continue reading 3:39am

Dear Friend

I miss you.It's that simple, really, where everything else is so complex.There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of you at least once. And each time I do, my stomach falls a few inches lower, the back of my mouth tastes metallic. The moment passes, coming in waves that are becoming … Continue reading Dear Friend

Man vs. Man

Disrespect drives me crazy. To absolutely no end. I recognize that many of the things I find utterly disrespectful, other people simply shrug off. And that's fine.But let me tell you what isn't...Disrespecting someone you claim to love, no matter how minor.I'm one of those people that if I'm with you, I'm WITH you. At … Continue reading Man vs. Man


I've kept many secrets in my life. Many. Almost lived two lives in one.But I've never liked it.There were times, though, when it felt necessary.Like now.There are things I wanna say, subjects I wanna touch, ghosts that linger in the corners of my bedroom at night that I should have long since exorcised.But I haven't. … Continue reading Secrets


I thought I knew who you wereI see now you were a lesson to learnAnd all I am to you nowIs a bridge that's been burned I look back over things in my life, people I've known, and the 50/50 is priceless. I can't believe I didn't see some things that I can see now. … Continue reading 50/50


Joy and I have deep convos via text. Here; partake.Joy: Why do girls hang around a guy causally and then say they're dating? Even when he's said he doesn't wanna be in a relationship?La: Are you talking about me and Psuedo or do you want an unbiased answer?Joy: Huh? But that was soo different. I … Continue reading MAth