Check Up

I figured since it's been about roughly half the year since I posted my New Year's Resolutions, I would check in on my progress.But first things first. Have yall seen this shit?I was already a little in love with Candace Parker but after this, she has officially screwfaced her way into my heart. Bwahahahahahaha! Did … Continue reading Check Up

Birthday List

I'm SO late, as back-to-back loser weeks after my birthday clearly sent me spiraling into a sleeping-too-much-cheese-fries-eating-Bacardi-tossing depression. But I'm (semi) more stable now and since all of you who have been reading for awhile know that I will never complete a trip recap, I present to you the following fun filled list of things … Continue reading Birthday List

A to Z

aka I have nothing else to talk about, lol Award: Oh God. You know how on Friends, Ross had an entire room full of trophies and plaques and awards and shit? That was totally me. Every certificate, award and ribbon you can think of, I have. Track, oratorical contests, dance, honor roll, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, … Continue reading A to Z