Silver Sparrow

I miss my grandmother the most when I’m sick.For years as a child her house is where I would convalesce when I was too sick to go to school. I would usually wake up in the morning pretending to be fine in an effort to still go to school (a combination of actually enjoying school … Continue reading Silver Sparrow

Facts and Examples

So many people have said things this week that have influenced this week’s post. They are all shouted out within, and you should check them all out.It’s important that before you read any of this, you first go read this over at my boo SBG’s place…Skinny Bits: The Single EditionDon’t worry; I’ll be here with … Continue reading Facts and Examples

Fix You

(day 29 of 30 in 30)I have a difficult relationship with being “fixed.”It goes without saying, I believe, that I could certainly use some fixing. And lord knows I could use some guidance or support while fixing. But I have never been particularly fond of the idea of letting someone else “fix me.”Saviors usually get … Continue reading Fix You

Talk that Talk

(day 27 of #30 in 30)We’re standing on the curb waiting for the valet to pull my car around. He’s behind me, his arms laced loosely around my neck and shoulders, his chin resting on top of my curls, his entire front pressed against my entire back. We don’t find ourselves particularly in need of … Continue reading Talk that Talk


(day 13 of 30 in 30)A few years ago, seated at the breakfast bar in a far flung aunt’s kitchen in St. Louis, my grandmother said the thing I have been avoiding admitting to myself for quite some time. We had stumbled onto the subject of my daddy, both of us lamenting the fact that … Continue reading Cycles

Early Onset Age Alzheimer’s or Also: Shouldn’t this Part be Over?

Remember how I turned 28 a couple months ago?Well, apparently you would be the only one.In the last few weeks, I have, loudly, confidently and quite wrongly, referred to myself as 27. In a couple different instances. In a few different ways and under a handful of different circumstances. But in all cases, the threading … Continue reading Early Onset Age Alzheimer’s or Also: Shouldn’t this Part be Over?


“I want it all. Everything. All of you. I will not accept anything less.”The Great Houdini had a way of saying things that made me understand that, despite his jovial nature, he was not kidding. And right then, in that hotel room in New Orleans, he was very serious. His voice was quiet, as we … Continue reading All