Silver Sparrow

I miss my grandmother the most when I’m sick.For years as a child her house is where I would convalesce when I was too sick to go to school. I would usually wake up in the morning pretending to be fine in an effort to still go to school (a combination of actually enjoying school … Continue reading Silver Sparrow

The Art of War

Have I mentioned that my mother has a propensity for being ridiculous? And also, that she was ready for grandbabies YESTERDAY?These things are important.If you don’t have a parent that is hell bent on getting grandkids outta your uterus whether you’re on board or not, there are a few things you should know about them. … Continue reading The Art of War


(day 13 of 30 in 30)A few years ago, seated at the breakfast bar in a far flung aunt’s kitchen in St. Louis, my grandmother said the thing I have been avoiding admitting to myself for quite some time. We had stumbled onto the subject of my daddy, both of us lamenting the fact that … Continue reading Cycles


The thing about being my mother’s daughter is it is never NOT about being her daughter.There have been stretches of time, sometimes even significant, where I can convince myself that I have carved out a space for my own life that does not coexist with hers. But, like any good, codependent relationship, this is pretty … Continue reading Codependent


Imagine your phone rings at your desk at work. After a quick glance at the caller ID, you decide not to answer right that second because you are up to the tip of your nose in a project you have to get out by 6pm. A few seconds later, your cell phone lights up and … Continue reading Contact

Next Door

There is a house on your street. It probably looks just like the house two doors down, and the one 2 doors down from that. Maybe it has a different color door from yours, and maybe a tree or two where one does not stand in your own yard. There is probably a neighbor there, … Continue reading Next Door