Fast Car

"I am so mad I'm not in DC right now."I balance my phone between my left shoulder and ear, taking the key out of the ignition, and grabbing my things from the passenger seat with one hand as I open the door with my other hand."Right? This is that bullshit. Damn near everyone I know … Continue reading Fast Car


The phone feels hot against my face, but I'm not sure if the phone has gotten hotter or if suddenly my body temperature has shot up 100 degrees."Hey La. I gotta talk to you about something."I can hear the trees whipping by my car. The air they slice through breaks to either side loudly, telling … Continue reading Bound


Dear Grandma,I've felt you hanging around here.I see the slight ruffle of bed covers imprinted with the indentation of your body weight. The long silver hair on the pillow next to mine. I see the way you pull your pearls out of my jewelry box. And feel your hand on my back when I can't … Continue reading Hope

It's raining out, the landscape washed in varying gray tones, falling from dense clouds in heavy sheets. Black clad figures are weaving through the gray place markers that represent life, interupted. They tip gingerly over moistened ground, trying to avoid the inevitable tide of sepia mud that rises over the edges of their shoes. Standing … Continue reading


I spent a year in the mouth of a whaleWith a flame and a book of signsYou'll never know how hard I've failedTryin' to make up for lost timeBy all accounts, I have always been a daddy's girl, though I'm sorry to say I maintain a safe difference from both people whom comprise my genetic … Continue reading Riverwide

New Orleans, LA

2 weeks ago"Girl, it's 9 o'clock. Wake up. La."It's always kinda strange when my mother addresses me because she sounds just like me except where years of corporate life has sharpened her diction, I still often sound like I went to school on the south side of Atlanta. Half asleep and confused, I remind myself … Continue reading New Orleans, LA