Granted, I'm not Santa, but I had to use this pic if for no other reason than because it says "bitches."It is that time of year again, where my fellow alumni and I will converge on The Mecca, celebrate our superior legacy, drink our weight in adult beverages, and then stumble into work Monday morning … Continue reading Vacation

Lunacy on Parade

This whole not talking on the phone thing has really opened me up to some silliness over AIM. You'd think we'd have more sense being college educated and all, but, notsomuch. This, ladies and gentleman, is why I'm always online...Reka: Well I'm over thisReka: And I took sleepin pillsReka: So I'ma close my eyesLa: LolLa: … Continue reading Lunacy on Parade

It could have been any one of the people I love. It could have been the campus I walked for 4 years. It could have been my classmates, my friends, my boyfriends, sisters, brothers that were gunned down while sitting in class.After I heard about the V Tech shooting, I reached out to everyone I … Continue reading

Ah HA!!!!

So right after this asshole pulled my dress down in the club, I was standing downstairs at the bar and I realized...There's nothing out here for me.I couldn't for the life of me, figure out why I was there. I knew I didn't really wanna come. I'm barely even a club person. I knew where … Continue reading Ah HA!!!!


"Lil mama learn game. And learn it young. Get it down so good that niggas can't even shake you wit it. Learn game like you learned to breathe; make it a habit. And never pull your cards. Aces only win when they played right."This is something a girl I used to run with used to … Continue reading Aces