Go Girl

It's funny because this is so not my scene.I am chilling, glass of wine in hand, sipping and surveying the crowd. I am well aware of the fact that I am under dressed in this crowd of posers and even more aware of the fact that I don't really give a shit. The white girl … Continue reading Go Girl

No Debts

this time last year... "La you are so fucked up.""Excuse me?""You are so FUCKED up.""Because I fucked you once and didn't fall all head over heels in love with your arrogant ass like all the other extra regular ass hoes you fuck wit' means I'm fucked up?!?!""No you're fucked up 'cuz you don't know shit … Continue reading No Debts

The Phone Call

I am tossing and turning, flitting through dreams, some entertained in a happy landscape, others notsomuch. I'm hot and then cold. Technically I am asleep but I feel myself being very aware of every time I kick the covers away and conversely every time I get cold. I feel when I brush my hair away … Continue reading The Phone Call

Where We Stand

First, catch up on the jump off...weeks ago...He puts his hand on my back to guide me through the mash of tables and patrons in the crowded room until we get to our table. He's close to my back, speaking intimately into my ear as I slightly turn my head to respond. His big hands … Continue reading Where We Stand