"Make a living or have a life, guess that I gotta choose..." We're doing the part I usually hate, but is actually going pretty well... kinda; trying to make future plans. After "Hey, you're in my city!" drinks turned into dinner, turned into more drinks, turned into cannolis, we're sitting in a tiny dive bar, oversized … Continue reading Here


I am in a truly horrifically bad mood. Like just... ugh. Today is just so thoroughly bad I need to get a drink, go to sleep, and try for the remix tomorrow.Maybe I'm just being moody...?I know I'm not feeling too well, sore throat, body aches, all that greatness. That could be part of it. … Continue reading *sigh*


That's when it all started. With a text message. One of my assistant managers, the newest one that I've had for less than a week that was supposed to be saving me from a lifetime of 60 hour work weeks, sent me a text message. Saying that he was quitting. This goddamn fool quit his … Continue reading 9:58am