"Make a living or have a life, guess that I gotta choose..." We're doing the part I usually hate, but is actually going pretty well... kinda; trying to make future plans. After "Hey, you're in my city!" drinks turned into dinner, turned into more drinks, turned into┬ácannolis, we're sitting in a tiny dive bar, oversized … Continue reading Here


I am in a truly horrifically bad mood. Like just... ugh. Today is just so thoroughly bad I need to get a drink, go to sleep, and try for the remix tomorrow.Maybe I'm just being moody...?I know I'm not feeling too well, sore throat, body aches, all that greatness. That could be part of it. … Continue reading *sigh*

First Day

Seriously, I was having problems. Black button down? Navy blue belted shirt dress? Black pants? White pants? Gray pants? Pumps? Flats? Sandals? Hair straight? Curly? Up? Down? So many very important questions.And then I thought to myself, "Self, I'm the SHIT. Why am I trippin'?"And that was that.I settled on white REALLY wide leg pants, … Continue reading First Day

Here It Is

August 13,2007Dear (Insert my Boss' Name Here):This serves to tender my official notice of resignation as Manager of (insert company here.) As you know, over my time with the company between transitioning back and forth between (1st location that sucked) & (2nd location that sucked harder) and lacking sufficient staff due to the instability of … Continue reading Here It Is


That's when it all started.With a text message.One of my assistant managers, the newest one that I've had for less than a week that was supposed to be saving me from a lifetime of 60 hour work weeks, sent me a text message.Saying that he was quitting.This goddamn coontastic fool quit his job over FUCKING … Continue reading 9:58am