Missing the Mark

I have a couple different subsets of friends.There’s my best friend since 7th grade, who transcends all subgroups because she knew me and loved me when I thought it was cute to wear dark brown lip liner and silver lipgloss. There are my college friends, who are probably my longest, closest friends, as we have … Continue reading Missing the Mark

Emotional Laziness

Talking to my sister this weekend, I stumbled on something that I hadn’t really realized but that I see now, in hindsight, I should have seen coming a mile away.I have gotten insanely emotionally lazy.There was a time when it was hurt; after a string of breakups, one epically soul crushing, I was just way … Continue reading Emotional Laziness


There is that moment when you realize that none of it was real.That you held on too long, too hard, fought too ferociously to make what was square fit round spaces. That all the effort you mistook for passion chipped away little pieces of what was there, and what is left in your hands is … Continue reading Starve.