Dirty 30

I was 25 before I finally admitted how fucking miserable I was. How the years of just surviving, of barely making it, of scraping by, had made me weary down to my bones. How badly the heartbreak had made me equal parts hard and fragile.The admission itself was hard. It felt like a spectacular failure; … Continue reading Dirty 30

Crown me King

At my core, I am a tactician. I am shrewd. I can, if I choose, deftly manipulate circumstances. I make calculated plans and I execute them. My plans are flawless, and my maneuvering around and in between the places that inevitably fall apart is astounding. If I were not me, I would be invariably impressed … Continue reading Crown me King

The Art of War

Have I mentioned that my mother has a propensity for being ridiculous? And also, that she was ready for grandbabies YESTERDAY?These things are important.If you don’t have a parent that is hell bent on getting grandkids outta your uterus whether you’re on board or not, there are a few things you should know about them. … Continue reading The Art of War

Facts and Examples

So many people have said things this week that have influenced this week’s post. They are all shouted out within, and you should check them all out.It’s important that before you read any of this, you first go read this over at my boo SBG’s place…Skinny Bits: The Single EditionDon’t worry; I’ll be here with … Continue reading Facts and Examples


(day 30 of 30 in 30)I was gchatting with a friend about the bittersweetness tha taccompanied dropping her little sister off for college. We started talking about all the dumb things we did at that age, neither of us having big sisters, or any older siblings for that matter, to guide us along the way. … Continue reading Hindsight

Grown up Clothes

By very nature of the field I work in, as well as thanks to having lost a significant amount of weight recently, I am running into a sincere problem; I don’t have any grown up clothes. Clothes to be casually cute for brunch on weekends? I am all over that. Club clothes just classy enough … Continue reading Grown up Clothes