It starts with Red.Just a little, around the edges, slightly pink, rather than the entire Red saturation that is sure to come.Maybe you shake just a bit, your extremeties antithetic to your usual smooth movements, each fraction of your greater whole shuddering and shaking, your whole shit just disjointed.Your breathing changes, the rhythmic steady inhalation … Continue reading This.


Lookit!!!!Muze, one of my favs despite the fact that she refuses to IM me (I started this a min ago Muze, lol), nominated me for an honest blogger award. (She also keeps a second blog here. Go harass her about updating regularly, k? lol) And so did nikki! I feel all special. The rules go … Continue reading Shucks

I'm alive. I'll be back when I can get some power or at least a steady cell signal. (My poor BB is on the bullshit right now.) How cruel is it that after 2 years of going without cable, I finally get it for a few hours only for it to be wiped out by … Continue reading


Hey everybody!*waiting*GODDAMMIT I SAID HELLO!!!!That's more like it.Hi kiddies! Sorry I just disappeared, no posting or commenting or notice or NOTHIN'. I know I said I would be better with that but... sometimes I be lyin'.I was outta town, trying to simultaneously do some grown woman things and not get alcohol poisoning because that is … Continue reading Oops