Just a stream of consciousness for lack of any real post of any kind...Ever since Ortho Doc told me I'd be getting my braces off in a few weeks, I've been even more obsessed with my teeth. I'm constantly checking my teeth in the mirror. I brush them all the time. And I TALK about … Continue reading Randomosity

Hilary Death Watch

This is why the wife and I need our own op ed column...Shanio: 2 percent! Does that even count as a win??La: Hahaha no!Shanio: LolShanio: Exactly!La: I neeeeeed her to drop outShanio: LolShanio: YeahLa: I mean, she's not of courseShanio: She's ridiculous.La: She is!La: So much so that I've actually been considering voting for McCain … Continue reading Hilary Death Watch

In the Meantime…

Cannon tagged me! So here are 6 random facts about me before I give you the answers to the post below, just in case there are a few stragglers.Here are the rules...1. link the person who tagged you…2. mention the rules in your blog…3. tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours4. tag 6 following bloggers … Continue reading In the Meantime…

Birthday List

I'm SO late, as back-to-back loser weeks after my birthday clearly sent me spiraling into a sleeping-too-much-cheese-fries-eating-Bacardi-tossing depression. But I'm (semi) more stable now and since all of you who have been reading for awhile know that I will never complete a trip recap, I present to you the following fun filled list of things … Continue reading Birthday List


So finally, after moving to this new crib months ago, I have finally unpacked the last box. All the archives are moved over. And in honor of this, I leave you with a list of my greatest hits. Posts that I love to this day, even some that are real vintage. Catch up on them … Continue reading WOO!

I Am in Love…

...with Andy Borowitz.Below are some of his articles on current politics. Enjoy!* * * * * * * *Bush to Phase Out Environment by 2009Andy BorowitzSat Mar 29, 3:00 AM ET President George W. Bush confirmed today that his gutting of the Endangered Species Act is part of a broader plan to phase out the … Continue reading I Am in Love…

A to Z

aka I have nothing else to talk about, lol Award: Oh God. You know how on Friends, Ross had an entire room full of trophies and plaques and awards and shit? That was totally me. Every certificate, award and ribbon you can think of, I have. Track, oratorical contests, dance, honor roll, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, … Continue reading A to Z