Imagine your phone rings at your desk at work. After a quick glance at the caller ID, you decide not to answer right that second because you are up to the tip of your nose in a project you have to get out by 6pm. A few seconds later, your cell phone lights up and … Continue reading Contact

Pearl Harbor

I have the most comfortable bed on earth. It is like lying on clouds lined with organic cotton wrapped in the sighs of baby cherubs. If love and kindness was made by Serta, this is what it would feel like. I say all of that not to offer free advertising, but rather to explain just … Continue reading Pearl Harbor

Jump Off (Something)

We interrupt your day to bring you the following emergency service announcement....I get it.I really do.I mean, I don't get it like you do, which probably requires a trip or two to the friendly neighborhood free clinic, but in theory, I understand.It's easier to be a hoe than a woman.I totally get it.People are, by nature, … Continue reading Jump Off (Something)

Read a Book

Today in glaringly obvious understatements: I was an excellent English student as a child. My love of the written word came directly from my love of reading. I absolutely loved to read. I didn't think it was uncool or not fun. Fiction was a means by which to escape; history a conduit to self discovery. I devoured … Continue reading Read a Book


Here are some things you might not know about me...- I am 25.- I have a college degree from the HBCU better than all others.- Said degree was obtained in 4 years... but it should have taken me 6.- I have no children. None. Just a dog.- I have never been married.- I have a … Continue reading Bulletproof