La La La

I couldn't figure out why today was bothering me. It's just a Tuesday. Nothing significant or even insignificant happens on Tuesdays. Tuesday is neither here nor there. Tuesday is meh.But it kept nagging at me, an ever-so-slight twinge in my gut anytime I saw the date. It's that feeling I used to not be able … Continue reading La La La


North Avenue Beach- Chicago, September 2009My skin feels damp. For a moment, despite the fact that I know better, I think that I might be crying despite the fact that I have yet to cry. I realize with relief, and maybe a little frustration, that it is merely the dampness hanging in the air that … Continue reading Rockferry

The Set Up

I am not particularly smart. I mean sure, the last time I took an IQ test I tested off the charts. And yes, I'm fairly well read and can hold a conversation about anything from Stanislavsky to Star Ship.What I mean to say is, I'm not people smart.I can read people fairly well. I have … Continue reading The Set Up

Sense Memory

Heartbreak has a sound.But it is muffled, faded. An echo of past laughter long gone silent, but still ringing in the long, dark corridors that you now travel alone. It whispers on the wind, reverberating deep in your mind's eardrums, imprinting your brain with the familiar melody of love, as it was.It has a smell. … Continue reading Sense Memory

Happy V-Day

Yes, I'm late, but I got it like that. Just a little bit of sweetness that I was to post from B.O.B. and to hopefully make up for the fact that I have absolutely nothing to talk about.10 Things You Bloggers Don't Know About My Valentine, LaBy B.O.B.1. She is super romantic.So last week we … Continue reading Happy V-Day

In (w)e Flat

I really want not to feel some kinda way about it.I do.But I feel some kind of way about it.Reasonably speaking, it's petty. But it's not. It's big. It's major. It's important.To me.Patience... or... something.But the way I want it to be, need it to be, is not solely my decision. But I have to … Continue reading In (w)e Flat

No Debts

this time last year... "La you are so fucked up.""Excuse me?""You are so FUCKED up.""Because I fucked you once and didn't fall all head over heels in love with your arrogant ass like all the other extra regular ass hoes you fuck wit' means I'm fucked up?!?!""No you're fucked up 'cuz you don't know shit … Continue reading No Debts

I love older buildings. When I was living in New York, it was part of the reason I loved living on the upper westside. I prefer them to all the new, modern condos that are popping up in every city (probably part of the reason I am so in love with your place... aside from … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

You wanted to be my friend.I think we both know you wanted to have your carnal way with me too, but I know you'll never admit that.Friendship is such a foreign thing to someone who generally "distrusts everything that breathes."But you... dammit.I've been writing as long as I remember. (Remember why?) And yet, I can't … Continue reading Merry Christmas