Baby Daddy Day

I should probably issue a few disclaimers before I say anything else. The first and maybe most important one being, I am single and childless. Most of my friends, those who are single and those who are in varying degrees of love, are also childless. We’re all varying degrees of sexually active as well.In short, … Continue reading Baby Daddy Day


More often than not, if I have not blogged in a few days, I am over on tumblr acting an utter fool. You can find me there almost every day. And on the Twitter too, of courseWith that out of the way…People say that girls grow up to marry men like their daddies, be it … Continue reading Potential

Fuck Your Paper Bag

I wasn’t gonna blog about this. But I also wasn’t gonna drink last weekend and, well, that too was a fail.There is an interesting kind of marginalization that goes on in communities, creating these sub-communities of sorts. It is prevalent in just about any group of people that share some fundamental similarities but other large … Continue reading Fuck Your Paper Bag

Jump Off (Something)

We interrupt your day to bring you the following emergency service announcement....I get it.I really do.I mean, I don't get it like you do, which probably requires a trip or two to the friendly neighborhood free clinic, but in theory, I understand.It's easier to be a hoe than a woman.I totally get it.People are, by nature, … Continue reading Jump Off (Something)