Here are some things you might not know about me...- I am 25.- I have a college degree from the HBCU better than all others.- Said degree was obtained in 4 years... but it should have taken me 6.- I have no children. None. Just a dog.- I have never been married.- I have a … Continue reading Bulletproof


As I have found myself moving solidly into grown womanhood, I have been doing quite a bit of self reflection lately. It's actually been pretty good for me. I have been able to settle and rectify alot of things in my mind, put alot of old issues to rest, and make some really good ground … Continue reading Reflection

Urban Myth

"This is crazy.""I know, but I have to know.""Are you sure about this? My investigative skills are seriously unparalleled.""I don't know if I am totally sure, but I have to know.""Lemme get on the computer and make a few calls. Give me a couple of hours""Ok. Let me know."My friend J is gorgeous. And not … Continue reading Urban Myth

Mean Girls

You know how when you were younger, your parents told you if you don't have anything nice to say not to say anything at all? Or treat others how you wanna be treated? And all that other yadda yadda bullshit?As a semi-adult in the beginnings of trading my training bras for La Perla (that's a … Continue reading Mean Girls