Time’s Up

This is the speech I would have given at my aunt's funeral, had I been in any position to stand or say words. Some many months ago- too many as it tends to go- I found myself at my aunt's house for an impromptu sleepover. I don't know how it fell into place, if she … Continue reading Time’s Up


"Hey there. Mind if I sit next to you? I don't much get to sit next to pretty girls anymore."I look up into the smiling, friendly face of an older man with twinkling gray eyes deeply wrinkled at the corners."Of course. If for no other reason that I am a sucker for compliments from handsome … Continue reading Lucky


I am often consumed by the desire to lay waste to my life and start it over again. I don't mean some overly dramatic Eat, Pray, Love kinda reset. I don't see me setting fire to my world just to watch the flames. But sometimes in the morning, when I turn the key in the lock on … Continue reading Roots

Sister Circle

(It’s likely no coincidence I was finally inspired- after sitting on it for months- to complete this on today, my favorite Libra’s birthday.) I was once one of those girls. You know the ones. The ones who proudly proclaimed that they had no female friends. That girls “didn’t like” them. That I preferred the friendship of men, that … Continue reading Sister Circle

Growing Pains

(For Robyn. For me. And for You.)We've been dream sold about what it means to grow.All the self-help tomes and personal journey movies would have you think that growth is a thing that happens when you go to a beautiful place and watch a gorgeous sunset, the vastness of the earth’s marvels humbling you, making … Continue reading Growing Pains

Early Onset Age Alzheimer’s or Also: Shouldn’t this Part be Over?

Remember how I turned 28 a couple months ago?Well, apparently you would be the only one.In the last few weeks, I have, loudly, confidently and quite wrongly, referred to myself as 27. In a couple different instances. In a few different ways and under a handful of different circumstances. But in all cases, the threading … Continue reading Early Onset Age Alzheimer’s or Also: Shouldn’t this Part be Over?