Next Door

There is a house on your street. It probably looks just like the house two doors down, and the one 2 doors down from that. Maybe it has a different color door from yours, and maybe a tree or two where one does not stand in your own yard. There is probably a neighbor there, … Continue reading Next Door


I used to wear a cross around my neck.Nothing fancy. Just a simple, silver creation that I really liked. To my recollection, I wore it everyday. Actually, if I am being truthful, I don't remember ever taking it off.Until of course I took it off.The cross went the way of my faith; I don't remember … Continue reading Introspection


For as long as I can remember I have had a thing for buildings. Not necessarily the architecture, but more so for the lives, the stories contained inside the construction. In my mind, each house is a curtain to be lifted, revealing the show inside. Each home its own stage, replete with all the trappings, … Continue reading Address

Frequent Flier

I have done a significant amount of travelling.Not the literal kind, though I have done that too. The metaphorical kind. The lyrical kind.The love kind.I am as familiar with the terrain as I have ever been. I have been all over Emotionally Unavailable Alley. All up and through It's Just not Meant to Be. I've … Continue reading Frequent Flier