It feels like there's an invisible cord linking us. Each minute that slides by cranks the tension a bit tighter, pulling me toward him or him toward me, or both. I can't tell which anymore. But the distance between us, the minutes he spends not touching me feel like agony. I'm talking myself down off this … Continue reading Hunger

Talk that Talk

(day 27 of #30 in 30)We’re standing on the curb waiting for the valet to pull my car around. He’s behind me, his arms laced loosely around my neck and shoulders, his chin resting on top of my curls, his entire front pressed against my entire back. We don’t find ourselves particularly in need of … Continue reading Talk that Talk

Doing it Well

(Day 3 of 30 in 30)I know it’s not popular, and I’m not supposed to say it. ‘Cuz I’m a woman. ‘Cuz it’s shallow. And… some other reasons y’all have that I don’t entirely understand.But in all the lofty, lovely qualities everyone lists that they desire in a partner, why does nobody ever mention they want … Continue reading Doing it Well

Losing my Head

I love Peter Parker's place because it is immaculate. And I don't mean that kinda immaculate that denotes him having something to hide. I mean that kinda clean that is lived and comfortable with just a slight bit of anal.You know, like mine.And it always smells good. Like the cologne he wears and the soap … Continue reading Losing my Head


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't distracted.I mean, I'm doing work, sure, but only in the interim between the silent chimes of my phone. As I'm typing at my computer, I'm accutely aware of its prescence at the corner of my desk. After a moment, I see the colored ball dance a rainbow … Continue reading Torture.