I fancy myself something of an emotional gravedigger for my past relationships. I am appropriately reverent of the life that used to be, preparing to return it to dust. I grieve respectfully and I am fairly faithful to the ceremonies of death. Admittedly, sometimes I get caught up in the ceremony for far longer than … Continue reading Thriller


As I have found myself moving solidly into grown womanhood, I have been doing quite a bit of self reflection lately. It’s actually been pretty good for me. I have been able to settle and rectify alot of things in my mind, put alot of old issues to rest, and make some really good ground … Continue reading Reflection


Lookit!!!! Muze, one of my favs despite the fact that she refuses to IM me (I started this a min ago Muze, lol), nominated me for an honest blogger award. (She also keeps a second blog here. Go harass her about updating regularly, k? lol) And so did nikki! I feel all special. The rules … Continue reading Shucks