“I want it all. Everything. All of you. I will not accept anything less.” The Great Houdini had a way of saying things that made me understand that, despite his jovial nature, he was not kidding. And right then, in that hotel room in New Orleans, he was very serious. His voice was quiet, as … Continue reading All

Sunday Kinda Love

(Shout out to Skinny Black Girl for having me thinking about this for two damn months…) I remember quite vividly once, standing in the middle of my bedroom, rocking back and forth on bare feet, feeling light-headed, tingly. I was, quite literally swooning, overcome by the intense urge to scream at the top of my … Continue reading Sunday Kinda Love

Tied Up

This is a story in three parts. The first part is here. The second is here. The entire backstory of this saga is here.This is the finale. I want to disappear. I know this before I even make it back across town. Before I realize I’ve cried so hard that my eyes are nearly swollen shut. … Continue reading Tied Up

Loose Ends

This is a story in three parts. This is the first part, though not the begininng… I know I have a choice. I can sit in this parking lot, inhaling the strange amalgamation of curry and maple syrup courtesy of the Ethiopian restaurant in front of me and the smell the air in the south … Continue reading Loose Ends


“I really love you. I love you. Always will,” The Great Houdini says to me somewhere around 2am when I am not nearly as defensive as we started this conversation. I knew this was coming, the way you see a car speeding in your direction. For the last two hours of this conversation I have … Continue reading Crash.

Emotional Laziness

Talking to my sister this weekend, I stumbled on something that I hadn’t really realized but that I see now, in hindsight, I should have seen coming a mile away. I have gotten insanely emotionally lazy. There was a time when it was hurt; after a string of breakups, one epically soul crushing, I was … Continue reading Emotional Laziness


I fancy myself something of an emotional gravedigger for my past relationships. I am appropriately reverent of the life that used to be, preparing to return it to dust. I grieve respectfully and I am fairly faithful to the ceremonies of death. Admittedly, sometimes I get caught up in the ceremony for far longer than … Continue reading Thriller


If the legends are true, I have a bit of fear of commitment. Or, at least I do if you ask any of the people I HAVEN’T dated. *side eye* I could offer up the contents of this blog, the last five chronicled years of loving and losing and lusting, as evidence that this isn’t exactly the case, … Continue reading Meh.