I’m alive. I’ll be back when I can get some power or at least a steady cell signal. (My poor BB is on the bullshit right now.) How cruel is it that after 2 years of going without cable, I finally get it for a few hours only for it to be wiped out by the weather? Sonofabitch!

Dear Hurricane Ike,

You is a bitch nigga. No wait- a bitch ASS nigga…



19 thoughts on “

  1. I guess I will get over my anger with you over the fact that your fool ass stayed put…but I digress. I’m glad to hear you are doing well and feisty as ever.


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  3. my new fave is “bitch made nigga”but real talk, EVERYONE knew he was going to be a bad futhermucker. why would you name a storm ike and expect him to be nice?


  4. lmao! i can always count on a laugh when i come by here.sorry i’ve been MIA. the business… the busyness. lol.glad you are okay.and i agree, ike is a B.A.N. lolol.


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